If you monitor and control backflow preventers that protect the potable water system
then tracking Cross Connect devices should not be a maze.

Government Solutions’ advanced Cross Connect Inspection Software (CCIS) makes it easy to stay on top of mandatory periodic device inspections.

CCIS stores information on the make model, test dates, location on every backflow device on your system. It has a database of certified inspectors and tracks the results of the inspections providing average and total pressure on the lines.

The main benefit of CCIS is you always..

Know the state of your backflow system.



Some of the Features Include:

  • Device Location(s)
  • Owner Information
  • Device Type, Size, Mfr, Model
  • Last/Next Inspection Dates
  • Inspection Results
  • Inspector/Contractor Information
  • Testing Devices Used
  • Number of Devices
  • Device and Line Pressure
  • Active, Retired, Failed, Potential
  • Hazard Level, Fire
  • Device Service Type
  • Pressure Zone - Area
  • Installation Date
  • Primary - Secondary
  • Pre-Inspection Type
  • Notice Letters
  • Check Valve, Relief, Service Readings
  • Field Notes
  • Link to standard address file
  • Export for GIS interface

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