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When people think of Open Government many visions come to mind. Some think of transparency. To satisfy that we offer modules that make it easy for you in government to publish meeting notices, agendas and minutes. Not everyone can come to the meetings and this helps keep the citizens in the know.

The other very important aspect of Open Government is an outgrowth of the national 311 program. 311 is a phone number set aside by the federal government for local government information. Any county, town or city that wishes to use this can have their local phone company route or map this number so that when a citizen dials 311 they are calling your citizen information center.

We offer an expert database system that helps the call-takers answer any question the citizen may have. On this website we also have published a demonstration of our Government Information Explorer. This is a web-based version of the 311 system that citizens can use to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Click here to see a demonstration of this easy to use citizen information system.  



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