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i4 - Compliance

Part of the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Requirements are:

  • Develop ordinances or other regulatory mechanisms to prohibit non-storm water discharges into the MS4.
  • Ensure program can take appropriate enforcement actions.
i4 will generate Courtesy and Violations Letters to the property owners and automatically merge the known violations, calculate the response date and even add applicable municipal code. Below is a sample Letter Linking Screen:

Each Compliance Step, from Courtesy Letter to Violation Notice can be linked to a properly crafted Letter, as demonstrated above.   When the letter is created, information about the constituent, along with information about the releveant viloation(s) is merged into the Letter.   Click here to see a Sample Letter.

i4 Allows you to enter descriptive text so that the citizen fully understands the nature of the violation. It also lets you enter the Municipal Code Number and text that can be merged into the letter.


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