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i4 - Reporting, Work Orders, Analysis, Address Database, GIS Export

i4 has countless other features we can show you if you contact us.

It has a built-in address and constituent contact database system that can be populated from water billing, plat or other existing tables.

A robust query and report designer is included, as well as standard Quick Analysis Reports and Inspection Work Orders.

Since many municipalities are just now addressing the need for this solution, the product is new. Demand for such tracking will soon grow so, to anticipate wide-scale usage, the product is intuitive, easy to learn, well documented and each aspect of the design is built on solid programming.

The package was designed with helpful input from the Village of Villa Park, IL (population 22,000). It has been extensively tested and is in full production use by their public works department.

i4 is developed by:

Agust Gudmundsson
Advanced Government Solutions
(304) 799-3989
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