Service Desk Help

This is a link to your local government home page. Villa Park' address is
This is a link to the central service page. You just came from there.
This opens the Department / Division / Service tree. It is a good way to see your government's organization as you drill down to the service request.
This is an Alphabetical listing of every service offered to citizens from this web site.
This is a search form that only searches government services on this site.

Here a citizen can find out about the services provided by their local government and its Public Service Departments. ONE CAN REQUEST SERVICES by filling out a Service Request form. This form will be forwarded directly to the Department responsible for fulfilling the request.

Here are some helpful hints on how to best use these pages.
You can select your request from the Alphabetical List,
Try Searching for a term or keyword or:
  1. Select the Proper Department
  2. Select the Bureau or Division within that department
  3. Select a Service Description. NOTE: Some service groups have and option (Misc Other) Use this only if you can not find a service description to suit your needs. Your request may be processed faster if you use one of the pre-defined descriptions.
  4. Enter any detailed notes or directions in the note box.
  5. Enter your name, address and contact information. We must have at least a valid Address and phone number to complete your request.